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The future starts here.
So cancer can end here.

Early and accurate detection of cancer starts here.
Exai Bio’s next-generation RNA-based platform delivers actionable insight into cancer biology from a simple blood draw.

our RNA platform

A clear picture of cancer biology starts here.

Exai is advancing early cancer detection with liquid biopsy tests that measure RNA from the transcriptome, rather than DNA from the genome, reflecting the underlying biology of cancer.

ex marks the spot

We are looking where others are not.

Exai’s novel platform measures a new class of thousands of cancer-associated RNAs, termed orphan non-coding RNA (oncRNA).

oncRNA technology

We detect cancer early.

oncRNAs are biomarkers with high sensitivity and specificity, enabling Exai to develop novel RNA-based tests for early cancer detection.

ai cracks the code

Actionable insights into underlying cancer biology.

Exai analyzes oncRNA with artificial intelligence to identify cancer-specific patterns. These can be used to detect disease at an early stage and to categorize tissue-of-origin and subtype.

Exai is revolutionizing how we diagnose, treat and manage cancer.

Our Science
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Exai is revolutionizing how we diagnose, treat, and manage cancer.

Our Science
We are entering an era where biology and technology will fuel the development of next-generation diagnostics. These will radically transform our ability to detect, diagnose, treat, and ultimately cure cancer.
Pat Arensdorf
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Using our novel RNA biomarkers, we found signals in what appeared to others as noise. With these biomarkers and AI, we have connected the dots, finding actionable clinical insights that weren't possible before.
Babak Alipanahi
Founder & Chief Scientific Officer

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