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Our Team

people are our greatest asset

We’re a next-generation liquid biopsy company.

Our mission is to enable a world where cancer can be detected early, diagnosed accurately, managed precisely, and ultimately cured.


Babak Alipanahi
Founder & Chief Scientific Officer
Dave Daly
Chief Executive Officer
Kimberly Chau
VP of Clinical Operations
Cheryl Chin
VP of Marketing
Lisa Fish
Senior Director of Research
Anna Hartwig
VP of Product and Technology Development
Fereydoun Hormozdiari
Senior Director of Computational Biology & Algorithms
Nelson Lee
Chief Administrative Officer
Helen Li
Senior Director of Software & Data Engineering
Michael Multhaup
Director of Computational Biology
Raaj Trivedi
VP of Corporate Development
Carolyn Wang
Head of People and Culture
Emi Zychlinsky
Executive Vice President of Operations
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