Our History

to build a new venture from the ground up...

it really takes a village.

Dr. Hani Goodarzi, Founder & Scientific Advisor
Hani in his lab at UCSF
Credit: Mario Sanchez, UCSF

Our Story

in the beginning

The oncRNA technology began in the laboratories of the University of California, San Francisco.

Dr. Hani Goodarzi and Dr. Lisa Fish discovered the potential of identifying cancer-specific oncRNAs. By looking where others in the field had not, they discovered new biomarkers that will pave the way to changing the future of diagnostics.

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Amy giving a presentation

Right Now

RNA offers hope

Now, we are the veterans in the field.

Exai brings together intrepid leaders in the fields of RNA biology, liquid biopsy, and artificial intelligence who are joining forces to fulfill our vision.

Academics & Industry Experience

  • UCSF, Stanford University, MIT, Karolinska Institute, University of Waterloo, Rockefeller University, Princeton University, Johns Hopkins University, UCLA, UC Berkeley, and many more
  • Bluestar Genomics, Illumina, Guardant Health, Myriad Genetics, Google, 23andMe, Deep Genomics, Exact Sciences
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One of our scientists working under the fume hood

Looking Ahead

changing the future of cancer

The vision and the means to act on it.

We plan to change the future of early cancer detection by providing clinical insights into cancer biology. And that future looks a lot brighter.

It requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and collaboration. If that sounds exciting to you, check out our current open jobs.

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