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Get patients on the path to early and accurate detection and better treatments.

We are proud to collaborate with biopharma companies and leading healthcare systems to bring the next generation of liquid biopsy tests and more personalized treatment options to patients sooner.

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  • BioPharma

    It starts with the right patient. Our RNA-based liquid biopsy technology has the ability to transform the way patients are selected for more personalized and effective therapies that are developed for those in need. The promise of our platform is to bring innovative therapeutics to market quicker and accelerate drug development to improve patient outcomes.

    As a biopharma company or researcher, please reach out to us if you are interested to learn more about:

    • Identify and select patients most likely to respond
    • Monitor treatment response in real-time
    • Predict patient outcomes non-invasively
    • Screen for recurrence before symptoms appear on imaging
    • Discover novel biomarkers, related to specific drug mechanisms
  • Healthcare

    Creating a better patient outcome. We continue to grow our partner ecosystem with academic institutions and healthcare systems.  As we validate our findings and continue to develop the utility around tests, these partnerships have been instrumental to help us design a better test as well as find ways to integrate it into patient care workflows.

    As a health care provider or senior administration at a healthcare system, please reach out to us if you are interested to learn more about:

    • Participate in studies and clinical trials
    • Evaluate how earlier cancer detection can lead to lower healthcare costs
    • Improve patient outcomes through early detection and surveillance programs


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