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Mike Pellini


Board Director

Michael Pellini, MD, is a managing partner of Section 32, a venture capital fund investing at the frontiers of technology, health care, and life sciences. Prior to joining Section 32 in 2017, Dr. Pellini served as CEO and then chairman of Foundation Medicine, a company that transformed the way pharmaceutical companies and physicians evaluate the genomic changes underlying a patient’s cancer, through the close of Roche’s acquisition in August 2018. Previously, Dr. Pellini was president and COO of Clarient, a national leader in molecular pathology, which was acquired by GE Healthcare in 2010. Dr. Pellini brings a breadth of understanding in personalized medicine, with a lifetime interest and focus on defeating cancer. Dr. Pellini currently serves as a board member for TwinStrand Genomics, Nusano, Singular Genomics (‘OMIC’), Adaptive Biotechnologies (‘ADPT’), Octave BioSciences, Exai Bio, and the Personalized Medicine Coalition. He previously served on the board of Thrive Earlier Detection, which was acquired by Exact Sciences (‘EXACT’) in January 2021, as well as Tango Therapeutics (‘TNGX’). Dr. Pellini joined the American Cancer Society National Board of Directors in 2023.


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