Our Team

Steve Kafka


Steve Kafka, PhD, works with exceptional scientists and entrepreneurs to build companies that seek to create vast improvements in human health. He co-led investment and served as both founding CEO and Executive Chairman of Thrive Earlier Detection, a healthcare company advancing a breakthrough blood test for the earlier detection of multiple types of cancer. Thrive was acquired by Exact Sciences in January 2021. Dr. Kafka also served as Executive Chairman at the molecular technology company ArcherDX, Inc., which was acquired by Invitae in October 2020. Earlier, he was President and Chief Operating Officer at Foundation Medicine, which was acquired by Roche in 2018, and also held leadership roles with several biotechnology companies. He led S32’s investment in molecular testing companies Function Oncology and C2i Genomics, among others, and co-led investment and serves on the board of AI-based drug discovery companies ROME Therapeutics and BigHat Bio. Dr. Kafka holds a PhD degree in political economy and government from Harvard University and a BA degree in economics and political science from Stanford University.

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